Things to consider when choosing a power wash company in Dublin

What is power washing?

Power washing is a method of cleaning that involves the use of a high pressure stream of hot water, for removing dirt, grime and stains from hard surfaces. The combination of high pressure and heat, makes power washing one of the most efficient and convenient options for giving your property’s outdoors a face lift. No matter if we are talking about commercial premises or residential properties, professional power washing services in Dublin and other surrounding areas, offer an optimal solution in various cleaning contexts.

For surfaces that can stand up the high pressure, but not the heat, there is always the option of using a pressure washer. The main difference between a power washer and a pressure washer is the hot water.

Beside power and pressure washing, there is a third cleaning technique, called soft washing. This method targets surfaces using low pressurized water, combined with specialized cleaning solutions, such as soaps, bleach and biodegradable disinfecting detergents. Soft washing is being used on areas that would get damaged if power or pressure washed, such as roof shingles, vinyl sidings, windows, wood paneling, facades and others.

An experienced power washing company will know exactly what the differences between these methods are and where to use each type of service. The importance of the know how is crucial, as surfaces can be damaged by using the wrong pressure or temperature.

How to choose the right power washing company

When we decided to start offering a power washing service to Dublin residents, we wanted to make sure the results will be outstanding and we wont disappoint our customers who are used to 5 star services. In order to achieve that, we had to study the market both inside Ireland but also abroad. Without a proper knowledge of the field, we would’ve ended being just an average service provider. We soon realised that the market is inundated by hundreds of companies that offer power washing services, but at a closer look we also saw that the standards of work are quite on the lower side.

Therefore, we knew it was essential to get the best equipment, along with the best training. Our van mounted industrial grade power wash system can easily clean all surfaces, by using both hot and cold water, and also by being able to adjust the pressure. When choosing the company to do this work for you, it’s best to ensure they have the right equipment. We’ve recently got a message from o person who used a different company, saying how sorry they were that we hadn’t been their first option. They sent us a message with a photo of a DIY power washer that was feeding water from an old dirty looking barrel, and the paving looked worse than before being cleaned. We went in to redo that cleaning, and unfortunately the client had to pay twice for a service that was only done right once.

Insurance is a very important aspect as well. A company that doesn’t have appropriate insurance won’t be able to cover the cost for potential damage. And unfortunately, most companies that lack insurance, are also not professionally trained, so the risk of causing damage is considerably greater.

Company reputation is also something to look for. A reputable company with great results will also have great online reviews. We heard tradesmen saying before that people don’t have time to leave reviews so that’s why they hardly have a few. That’s so untrue, as a customer who is over the moon with the results, will always spend less than one minute to leave a testimonial and show appreciation. For us, at Happy Clean, our reputation means so much. From the way we present ourselves and leave a great first impression (uniformed staff, wrapped vans, polite technicians) to the way we carry out our work, we want to always exceed customer’s expectations and create a 5 star experience from start to finish.

As we mentioned before, professional training is extremely important, so don’t be afraid to ask the potential contractor about their trainings and accreditations. The quality of the job depends on being able to identify the surface and the best method of cleaning.

How much does power washing cost?

This is probably the most common question people ask, even before considering all the above. And that is perfectly normal, as the price is supposed to be a decision factor when choosing the best power washing company. The problem appears when cost is the only thing considered, disregarding all the other important aspects.

We do know that on a price-only based decision, our company would get no customers, as we are definitely not the cheapest, but nor the most expensive. We like to say that we offer the best job value for the price we ask. When we give a quote, the price given doesn’t only cover 2 or 3 hours of work for one or two people. That price needs to cover the equipment usage, the chemicals, the training, the van cost, the diesel, the insurance, taxes and profit. So obviously, if we are competing with an untrained person, who hardly gives any invoices and uses a DIY power washer, we won’t get the job based on price only.

We’ve seen it too many times… people who think they’re getting a great cheap deal and then they end up paying twice for getting the job done right. And that’s a happy situation, as we’ve seen cases when customers had to fix the roof, replace the slabs in the back garden or repaint the house …

What areas do we cover?

Happy Clean is a Dublin based cleaning company, but we cover the surrounding counties as well. For larger jobs, we can travel further, and we are happy to offer an extensive range of cleaning services along with the power washing. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and make appointments. As we want to offer our customers a flexible service, we are available for day, night, weekdays and weekend appointments.

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