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Pressure washing your patio carries a large array of benefits, and it is the most effective and environmentally friendly way of deep cleaning and maintaining this outdoor area of your house. From improving the overall aesthetic, and minimizing the potential hazards and risk of allergies, to prolonging the lifespan of your property and paint job, professional pressure washing services offer an optimal solution in a series of cleaning contexts.

We all know the importance of a good cleaning routine when comes to the inside of our home or commercial property. But did you know that the cleanliness of exterior surfaces around your property has a direct impact on the health and safety of your family, employees and pets?

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In Dublin, every season comes with its own patio cleaning challenges

Best time to Power Wash your Patio

When comes to washing the patio, spring is the best time of the year to do so. You are not only preparing the area for the future barbeques, get together or other events, but it will also give you the opportunity to assess the state of your patio and plan for any maintenance work it might require. Many homeowners, in Dublin, prefer to schedule any painting or repair jobs in the warm season. A thorough deep cleaning is often a crucial first step in any maintenance project, therefore, pressure washing your patio once the cold days of winter start fading, it’s the better option. Our clients in Dublin agreed with these lines and took note. The results were excellent.

As mentioned before, spring is the recommended season for pressure washing your patio, however, if you fail to do so, you’ve got another chance at the end of fall. During this time of the year, leaves start building up in the outdoor areas of your building, and the wind might blow them and other debris into some hard to reach corners. The most convenient and efficient way of getting rid of the dirt, and stains caused by decaying leaves, as well as all the pollen, bacteria, algae and mould that caked on the surface of your patio, is to avail of professional pressure washing services. The cleaning process will not only eliminate all these organisms but will also discourage regrowth.

After the cold season, you will notice that many outdoor surfaces start developing mould, mildew, algae and moss. This is also available for your patio. The build-up of debris and contaminants is not only aesthetically unpleasant but also presents some safety hazards and health concerns. Of course, the immediate and most obvious benefit of having your patio pressured washed is the visual aspect, however, this cleaning process goes a long way towards a healthier and safer environment for you and your family. A jet wash combined with specialised cleaning solutions will blast away dirt, dust and other harmful elements, remediating slippery surfaces and preventing pollen, allergens and mould spores from getting trapped between the cracks of the paving or travelling indoors. This is particularly helpful for those struggling with allergies, asthma or other breathing difficulties. Our house is in capable hands, and it will deliver excellent results.

How do you know it is time for a Pressure Wash?

Why should you hire a cleaning company in Dublin?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning company in Dublin:


If you notice some weeds popping out in any crack of your patio, you need professional cleaning.


If mould is present on your patio, a professional power wash is necessary and a bit urgent.


If the appearance of the patio is in a decaying stage, you should not wait. A cleaning service is needed.

Our power washing specialists will come equipped with high-quality professional machines and detergents, and more importantly, they will bring their knowledge and expertise. This way you know that the work will be done quickly, efficiently and in a safe manner.

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Upgraded Power Wash for Patio in Dublin

At Happy Clean, we offer professional patio cleaning and maintenance services for all types of surfaces, from natural stones to concrete flags. As an experienced and reputable power washing company, we know the importance of offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and we continuously work towards providing you with the best cleaning services on the market, especially in Dublin.

If you want to enhance and prolong all the benefits that deep cleaning of your patio comes with, ask the power washing agent to apply a coat of sealing. This often-overlooked step helps prevent erosion, improves your patio’s resistance to dirt and stains and amplifies the beauty and colour of the paving. If your house or commercial building is in Dublin, we are here to offer the best service for a power wash.

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Professional Cleaning Services & Patio Pressure Wash in Dublin

No matter if your patio or poolside is covered with pavers, concrete, stone, or aggregate, our service for Patio cleaning in Dublin offers the best solution for restoring the “good look” of the area and protecting it against early and permanent damage. Whether you choose to contact us over the phone, or by text, email, social media or website, our customer service representatives are just minutes away from assisting you with any queries you might have about pressure washing.

Using a stream of high-pressure water and a powerful alkaline detergent, we are able to remove moss, algae, weeds, paint, chewing gum and any other stains from any type of surface. And yes, our specialised cleaning solutions help cut through carbonizations and grease marks around the barbecue area. More than that, upon request, our agent can seal your patio, protecting it against external factors and extending its life span. A coat of seal applied once the cleaning is done, goes a long way towards preserving all the benefits of pressure washing this area, especially if you have a patio made out of natural stone. The porous nature of this material makes it susceptible to water penetration and general tear and wear. The sealer bonds to the surface, filling in the tiny cavities and protecting the surface from the weather and footfall. For heavy traffic areas, such as steps and doorways, it is highly important to have them sealed.

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Professional cleaning company vs DIY

DIY vs PRO Cleaning

While washing the patio yourself might seem like an easy task, in fairness, it isn’t. Pressure washing is not as simple as pointing at the ground and spraying water for a few minutes. Too low pressure will keep you busy for hours, as the dirt and stains won’t come out, and a too-high pressure might damage the paving. When compared to market alternatives, professional power washing is the more efficient and convenient method of cleaning and maintaining your patio. Hiring the Happy Clean experts to pressure wash any outdoor area of your property, will save time, labour, and you will get all the benefits of a professional job.

Professional Patio Cleaning with Power Wash Sistem

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If you would like to access the cost and amazing benefits of our patio cleaning services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer free no-obligation site inspections, and no matter how you choose to contact us, our customer service representatives are just minutes away.  

Take care of your Dublin based business or residence, by cleaning the patio with high-pressure washing techniques.