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Soffit and fascia cleaning services in Dublin and other surrounding areas consist of washing the outside of these two elements, plus the outside of the gutters. However, it doesn’t include the deep cleaning of debris from inside the gutter system, as this usually falls under professional gutter cleaning services. It is best to have these three structures, fascia, soffit and gutters, cleaned at the same time. This will give you the opportunity to carry out a full inspection of your house or business and identify any repair works that need to be addressed. Common signs of damaged soffit or fascia are flaking paint, dampness, rot, or leaking gutters.

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Fascia and Soffit are more than Aesthetic Appeal

Both fascia and the soffit help give your home’s exterior a finished look, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, however, they are more than cosmetics structures. Their importance goes beyond this, as they also prevent your property from sustaining structural damage. More than that, these little “trim components” play a huge factor in how your home breathes and functions. Besides the support that fascia offers to the shingles and the networking of gutters, it also helps keep moisture out. Both the soffit and the fascia protect your roof and allow ventilation for your house, regulating your home’s temperature. Ensuring the edge of the wood from the roof is not exposed to the elements of the weather is important. Without these coverings, the roof frame could become damp and begin to rot.

You will often see narrow slats in the soffit board and this is to allow the airflow, preventing condensation from building up and causing damage to the underlying structure. So the cool, dry air is drawn into the soffit vent, and hot moist air is forced out of roof exhaust vents.

Should something go wrong with your soffit and fascia, you can experience significant problems like moisture damage, curling shingles, pests, and wood rot. You shouldn’t ignore or overlook these components, as they’re critical to your home’s proper ventilation.

Over time, you will notice that cobwebs, algae, dirt and traffic pollution start building up on your fascia and soffit, making them look dull and unkempt. The accumulation of dirt is especially visible on bright PVC. Maintaining these two components of your building, will not only improve the general appearance of your property but will go a long way towards preserving their protective coating and your roof. Dirt can cause permanent damage if left unchecked for an extended period of time. Washing your fascia and soffit at least once per year will extend their life span, maintain their good look by removing surface stains, prevent water leaks and increase the overall value of your home or commercial premises. 

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Why should you hire a cleaning company in Dublin?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning company in Dublin:


We’ll safely clean fascia & soffit without harming your surfaces. Protecting means good service.

Time Efficient

Fascia & Soffit can be very difficult to clean. But we are professionals and time is on our side.


The appearance of the fascia & Soffit must be like new. Our goal is to bring the original colour back.

Our power washing specialists will come equipped with high-quality professional machines and detergents, and more importantly, they will bring their knowledge and expertise. This way you know that the work will be done quickly, efficiently and in a safe manner.

Do not ignore the importance of maintaining the fascia and soffit components that hold up your roof. Regular maintenance of these structures can maximise their lifespan and minimise costs down the line.

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If you are looking for professional gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding counties, Happy Clean can help you.  Using the appropriate pressure washing techniques and the proper application of the cleaning solution, we can restore your property’s pristine condition, by removing high levels of dirt, as well as a wide variety of organic and chemical stains such as rust, leaching, algae, mould or mildew. Our specialized detergents are designed to kill all plant, fungal and bacterial life in a safe manner, and cut through grease and dirt to leave a finish which is clean and resistant to future growth. When comes to washing your fascia and soffit, we work in sections, so the solution we apply can be quickly removed before it has a chance to drip down onto your surrounding garden or outside space. If extra attention is needed, we would use a scrubbing brush to remove any remaining marks.

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At Happy Clean, all our pressure washing services in Dublin, including fascia and soffit cleaning, are available for both residential and commercial contractors. We have different teams for all Dublin and surrounding areas, so next time you search for “a local pressure washing company near me” make sure you get in touch!

Hiring a professional fascia and soffit cleaning company, such as Happy Clean, will save you much time and effort, and it is an investment you make in your property. For commercial customers, outsourcing this cleaning task will take away the hassle of buying specialized equipment for their staff members, training them on how to use the machines and what detergents should be used. It also minimizes the risk of injury, and they have the guarantee that the job will be done in a safe, timely and efficient manner. More than that, our bespoke cleaning packages and combo deals offer the most cost-effective solution in a variety of cleaning contexts.

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Wooden fascia and soffit should be checked at least twice per year, ideally in the spring and autumn, just to make sure the paintwork is intact. If the paint is beginning to peel or flake, that means the bare wood is exposed and can become damp in wet weather, eventually weakening the structure. For homeowners or businesses that have PVC or vinyl fascia and soffit, it’s also important for them to check all around the property. One of the key problems with plastic fittings is that they get dirty and are also at risk of growing mould and mildew.

Fascia is a longboard that is fixed just below the lower roof where it meets the outer wall of your property. Also called the “roofline”, the fascia serves as a support for the shingles and the gutter system. In older buildings, fascia is made out of wood, which is then painted, however, in modern houses or commercial premises, is made out of synthetic materials, such as vinyl or PVC. The soffit is often seen as a part of the fascia, and it is located underneath horizontally, where the roof meets the siding. Even though, depending on the roof’s style, some buildings do not feature soffits, they are a common component.

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