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Of all the outdoor areas of a home, the deck is the most beloved one. Once the spring is in full bloom, and the sun starts shining again, your deck is the place where you can have a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine in the evening, or spend a nice day with your friends and family. We are sure it was a great investment too, so you need to make sure you take good care of it, so you enjoy its “good look” for many years to come.

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In Dublin, every deck cleaning comes with its own challenges

Maintaining your deck by cleaning it yourself

One of the easiest ways of maintaining your deck is brushing it regularly with high quality, stiff broom. This way you keep the area free of debris, such as dead leaves, as well as prevent the build-up of dirt and moss. Don’t forget to brush under furniture and plant pots too. When comes to decorative or plant pots, moving them every now and then, using small ”feet” for air to circulate underneath and ensuring easy drainage, are great practices for protecting your timber deck. That is how we advise our clients in Dublin after we professionally power wash their decks.

Many homeowners are waiting for the warmer days of spring, to get their outdoor areas ready for various gatherings and activities. As part of the maintenance and preparation process of your deck, pressure washing in Dublin is a key component and should be performed at least once per year. The main purpose of any cleaning method is to get rid of unwanted dirt, residues or stains, and pressure washing does exactly that. It removes dust, debris, grime and any other particles caked on a surface. As a result, your deck will regain its natural beauty and, more importantly, it will be free of many health and safety hazards.

How do you know it is time for a Pressure Wash?

Why should you hire a cleaning company in Dublin?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning company in Dublin:


If you notice some weeds popping out in any crack of your deck, you need professional cleaning.


If mould is present in your deck, a professional power wash is necessary and a bit urgent.


If the appearance of the deck is in a decaying stage, you should not wait. A cleaning service is needed.

Our power washing specialists will come equipped with high-quality professional machines and detergents, and more importantly, they will bring their knowledge and expertise. This way you know that the work will be done quickly, efficiently and in a safe manner.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company, such as Happy Clean, to deep clean your deck, is the most convenient and efficient method of restoring the original appearance of the area, and prolonging its life span. Using high-quality equipment and professional wood deck cleaners, we have the ability to restore timber decks to their former glory. Some of the surface preparation steps include pressure cleaning, stripping off existing deck stain, brush sanding the timber, and wood deck wash with a pre-stain cleaning solution. Upon request, our agents can apply a sealing, that will enhance all the benefits of the pressure washing process and protect your deck against harmful elements.

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Upgraded Power Wash for Deck in Dublin

At Happy Clean, our professional deck cleaning services in Dublin are available for both residential and commercial customers. Besides Dublin, we also offer the same high-quality cleaning services in Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, Laois, Louth, Offaly, Cavan, Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, and other surrounding areas. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7, to answer all your queries regarding deck cleaning, give quotes and make appointments.

If you need professional deck cleaning services in Dublin, or other surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us. With more than 7 years of experience in offering high-quality cleaning services, and using top quality products and equipment, Happy Clean can look after your car park with the best outcome.

Only the best cleaning services for your home

Professional Cleaning Services and Deck Power Wash in Dublin

Anything you do to enhance your deck’s structure and appearance increases your home’s overall value. You might not be looking to put your house on the market anytime soon, but, still, the more your home is worth, the better. And the better care you take of your deck, the easier it is to keep up this value. In this way, hiring pressure washing services to thoroughly clean your deck can be viewed as a key investment on which you will receive a future return.   

Compared to buying/renting equipment and deep cleaning the deck yourself, hiring a professional service provider to pressure wash any outdoor area of your home, will dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to complete the job. Plus, it will give great peace of mind to know that your property is in the hands of experts. In today’s competitive work environment, continuous learning combined with real experience in the field, are the winning formula for success! Therefore, all our agents are professionally trained, insured, and up to date with the latest updates in the industry.  We have the knowledge and experience to remove years’ worth of dirt from your deck, as well as a large variety of chemical or organic stains.

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Expert recommendations and why power washing your deck

experts say

Wood is a natural and sturdy material, however, its porous nature makes it vulnerable to many environmental factors, as well as highly attractive and susceptible to fungal growth such as mould and mildew. Rains, winds, extreme temperatures, pests, moisture and others, are the main factors that influence woods’ performance over the years. To help your deck to withstand these elements and retain its shape for a longer period of time, you should keep the treats at bay and identify the problems as early as possible. Pressure washing your deck at least once per year, in the spring, will remove the mould, mildew, moss, algae, as well as the bacteria and allergens, discouraging the regrowth and protecting your deck from serious issues, such asrot. All these contaminants do not only ruin the appearance of your deck but also pose a serious risk for your and your family’s health. When performed in the spring, the deep cleaning process helps those struggling with allergies or other breathing difficulties, by removing the allergens and mould spores from around the house and preventing them from being blown indoors by the wind.

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Professional cleaning company is a great option

Wood Deck Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

A yearly pressure washing can extend the life of your wooden deck by years, especially in Dublin’s climate. Many homeowners look at their wooden deck and think the wood needs to be replaced because it became so dark and aged looking. Often, in reality, the deck just needs a good cleaning to renew the surface. Pressure washing will uncover the real condition of the wooden deck so that you can avoid any unnecessary repairs or replacement expenses. If you are planning to apply a new coat of deck paint, deep cleaning the surface will make your job easier. Applying the sealing products over a dirty area means they will not fully adhere to the wood, nor they will last for too long.