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Commercial power washing is one of the most convenient, efficient, and appropriate solutions for deep cleaning and preserving your building. Availing of professional power washing services on a regular basis, should be an integral step of your maintenance program if you want to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris from damaging your commercial premises. The first impression is essential when running a business, and well-maintained facilities are part of it. A well-maintained building will definitely stand out and create the right impression. Commercial power washing does more than conserve the welcoming and professional aspect of your property, going a long way towards a healthier environment and preventing premature damage.

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In Dublin, every commercial power wash comes with its own challenges

Commercial Power Wash is a Good Investment

When comes to the cleanliness of the exterior walls or outdoor areas of your commercial building, there are a lot of factors that work against you. From natural elements, such as bad weather, winds, rain, snow or bird droppings, to your employees’ and guests’ actions, there are many things that affect the appearance of the walls, sidewalks, parking lots or other surfaces. After the winter, you might notice that your property’s outdoor areas start developing mould, mildew, algae and moss. These elements, do not only look unattractive, but they can wear on a building, causing rot and further damage. More than that, surfaces covered in mould and algae, present a high risk of slips and falls, which is quite unacceptable for a business. Commercial power washing minimizes these hazards, remediating slippery areas, restoring their “good look” and discouraging the build-up of contaminants. Parking garages, loading docks, dumpster areas, parking lots, facades, driveways, awnings and others will greatly profit from regular commercial power washing.

Removing the bird droppings, which are very acidic, from your roof and gutter systems, will reduce the risk of structural damage and protect your investment. Commercial owners should look at power washing as an investment they make in the future of their premises, and a way of protecting their assets against damage and decay.  When used to treat car parks, driveways, sidewalks, facades and other areas, commercial power washing is an easy, quick and efficient way of removing years’ worth of dirt, debris and allergens, that greatly contribute to surface weathering. More than that, if you are thinking of selling or renting the building, well-kept facilities are more appealing, thus the better chances of finding potential buyers or tenants. Regular professional power washing can actually enhance your property’s value by 5-10%.

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Why should you hire a cleaning company in Dublin?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning company in Dublin:


We’ll safely remove dirt, without harming your surfaces. Protecting means good service.

Time Efficient

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to clean dirt. This means a lot of time and energy to achieve total removal.


The appearance of the commercial walls must be like new. Our goal is to bring the original colour back.

Our power washing specialists will come equipped with high-quality professional machines and detergents, and more importantly, they will bring their knowledge and expertise. This way, you know that the work will be done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Outsourcing the power washing tasks to a specialized cleaning company in Dublin, such as Happy Clean, will take away the hassle of buying/renting equipment for your staff members, training them on how to use the machine and on what detergents should be used. It also minimizes the risk of injury and guarantees you that the job will be done in a safe, timely, and efficient manner. 

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Upgraded Power Wash for Commercial Buildings in Dublin

We have many commercial customers, who would vouch for our great quality of work, as well as reliability and flexibility. With more than 7 years of experience in the Irish market and thousands of 5-star reviews, we offer commercial power washing services in Dublin like no other company. At Happy Clean, we know the importance of working with nothing but the best equipment and detergents, as well as offering bespoke cleaning solutions and flexible working hours, to ensure 100% client satisfaction and a job well done. Using the appropriate power washing techniques and the proper application of the detergents, we can clean a wide variety of organic and chemical stains, such as rust, leaching, chewing gum, graffiti, or oil stains. No matter whether you need your carpark, sidewalks, facades or exterior walls to be washed, we can help.

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Professional Cleaning Services & Commercial Power Wash in Dublin

At Happy Clean, all our agents are professionally trained, and they have the experience and equipment for tackling high levels of dirt or difficult stains on most surfaces. More than that, if your property has been affected by graffiti, vandalism or oil stains, we can remove the marks from timber, wood, steel and aluminium, glass, painted surfaces, reflective road signs and plastics, concrete, sandstone, brick, and masonry.

For commercial premises or public spaces affected by vandalism, hiring a team of professional power wash in Dublin agents takes away the hassle of buying/renting equipment, gathering cleaning supplies, as well as training your staff on how to properly use them. The chances are, that after we’ve done all these, you still need to avail of professional services as the outcome is not satisfactory. At Happy Clean, we have the right combination of products and washing methods to get the job done in the first place. Plus, we know that when comes to commercial pressure washing in Dublin, time is an important factor. Therefore, we work 24/7, and we always try our best to accommodate you at the required date and time, as well as answer any emergency calls. If you are located in Dublin, consider it done! 

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Reasons & When to Hire the Best Power Washing Company in Dublin

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Weather conditions have an important say in whether your power wash job it’s going to be a success or a failure. Winter’s temperatures are too low for an effective cleaning process, but as soon as the warmer days of spring roll around, the time is just right for washing your commercial building. We all know that mould, pollen and other allergens run the highest in spring, causing many issues for those struggling with allergies and other breathing difficulties. Commercial power washing kills the harmful contaminants, keeping allergens off the exterior of your property, so they are not blown inside by the wind, and promotes a healthier work environment for both your employees and customers.

Another great reason for consistently scheduling your commercial power washing process right after the cold season is that it will simplify the maintenance program and give you a framework for the rest of your building’s repairs. If you are planning to repaint your property, a thorough deep cleaning is a crucial first step if you want to make sure that the new coat adheres easily and smoothly to the surface. Painting over a dirty area, it will only make the job more difficult, and the paint will crack or chip much faster. Plus, a fresh power washed building will give you the opportunity to perform a full inspection of your commercial premises and check for potential issues that need to be addressed.

Our clients from Dublin are happy they chose Happy Clean’s power wash service. Our highly trained staff will make the best cleaning service you’ll find. Our policy of 100% SATISFACTION needs to be fulfilled.

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If you would like to access the cost and amazing benefits of our commercial cleaning services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer free no-obligation site inspections, and no matter how you choose to contact us, our customer service representatives are just minutes away.  

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