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No matter the type of business you are running, if you are offering parking facilities, then you may want to maintain the area neat and clean, as well as safe, for both your customers and your employees. It is well known that well-maintained car parks attract more customers and elicit fewer complaints, than facilities that are dusty, dirty, or littered with rubbish.

Regardless of whether your car park is an open lot, a multi-level structure, or an underground garage, implementing an effective and regular commercial cleaning program, will reduce the long term maintenance costs, and will make the space more attractive and convenient for the people who avail of this service. That’s why Happy Clean’s new service for Car Park Power Wash in Dublin can be what you search for.

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In Dublin, every car park comes with its own challenges

Why you may consider a car park power wash

As the first part of the building that your clients and partners lay their eyes on, the condition of your parking facilities has a huge impact on their first impression of your business. This is true whether the facility charges for parking or provides it for free. Whether visiting a restaurant, shopping centre, a doctor or a museum, the first thing you do on arrival is to park the car and make a short walk to the building. Clean and well maintained outdoor areas make you feel welcomed, appreciated and safe, and the chances are, you will return in the future. 

By regularly pressure washing your parking lot, you ensure that dirt, debris, algae, mould, oil and other car fluid residues, do not build up, loading in the car park’s cracks and creating a smooth finish. The porous nature of this particular surface is what makes parking facilities safe for vehicles to drive on, and for customers to walk outside, especially during inclement weather. The more natural debris and other elements accumulate in the area, the slicker and more dangerous it becomes. Unkempt parking lots present serious driving hazards, as well as slip and fall hazards for customers.

jet wash is highly efficient in removing all matters of dirt and remediating slippery surfaces. Car park cleaning services improve the safety of your customers, partners and their cars, and protect you from liability claims of neglect if an accident occurs on your commercial property.

How do you know it is time for a Pressure Wash?

Why should you hire a cleaning company in Dublin?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional cleaning company in Dublin:


If you notice some weeds popping out in any crack of your car parking, you need professional cleaning.


If mould is present in your car park, a professional power wash is necessary and a bit urgent.


If the appearance of the car park is in a decaying stage, you should not wait. A cleaning service is needed.

Our power washing specialists will come equipped with high-quality professional machines and detergents, and more importantly, they will bring their knowledge and expertise. This way you know that the work will be done quickly, efficiently and in a safe manner.

Parking surfaces last longer when power washing services are carried out on a regular basis. If your car park is an open lot, you surely noticed that, after the cold season, the surface started developing mould, mildew, algae and moss. Weeds are another reason for concern. As the weeds grow, so do their roots, widening the cracks and causing further damage. All these elements can gradually eat away the surface of your commercial car parking, especially in Dublin’s climate, affecting, not only the appearance of the area, but also the integrity of the materials it is made of. Weather alone is bad enough, greatly influencing the state of your parking lot, but if you are using salt or sand during the winter, it’s even worse. The granules left behind, tend to accumulate on concrete and asphalt. Sand, gravel, and dust act as abrasives under vehicle wheels, and can increase the wear on driving surfaces. When asphalt surfaces become worn, it becomes more susceptible to water infiltration and begins to break down.

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Upgraded Power Wash for Car Parking

At Happy Clean, we offer professional car park cleaning and maintenance services for all types of surfaces in Dublin. Parking lots are more susceptible to petrol or oil stains, as well as vandalism. At Happy Clean, we have the right equipment and cleaning solutions to tackle “heavy-duty” stains or graffiti marks from a variety of surfaces. The porous nature of many concrete or stone car parks makes oil spills difficult to remove, however, our cleaning method is highly efficient in getting rid of these unpleasant and dangerous stains. Depending on the type of surface, we use different washing techniques, combined with high quality fit for purpose products and alkaline detergents.

If you need professional car park cleaning services in Dublin, or other surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us. With more than 7 years of experience in offering high-quality cleaning services, and using top quality products and equipment, Happy Clean can look after your car park with the best outcome.

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Professional Cleaning Services and Car Park Pressure Wash in Dublin

If your parking premises have been affected by oil stains or graffiti, or you need chewing gum removed from different areas, our team of professional power washing agents can help. Happy Clean offers car park cleaning services in Dublin and other surrounding areas, for both residential and commercial contractors.

We know how important is for business owners and commercial premises, that the cleaning task is completed without disrupting the day to day activities. That’s why we offer after-hours car park cleaning services in Dublin and nearby areas, so we can get the job done while you continue your everyday commercial service, without missing a step.

Both residential and commercial premises can greatly profit from car park power washing and cleaning services. Besides improved appearance and increasing the curb appeal of your property, it also promotes a healthier and safer environment and prolongs the surfaces’ life span.

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Professional cleaning company is a great option

experts say

Power washing in Dublin is a great option for removing residues like salt, sand, mildew, and mould from your car park and other outdoor areas. The powerful blast of hot water works extremely well on heavily soiled and stained surfaces.

There is nothing worse than confusion in a car park, and that’s particularly annoying when you’re in a hurry. Visible parking bay lines and readable signage are essential if people are to park efficiently without causing an obstruction to anyone else. Leave zero room for error by getting the lines and signage cleaned regularly so they can be seen.

There are a number of methods to preserve the “good look” and professional vibe of your car park, from daily or weekly (depending on the traffic) sweeping and litter picking to regular power washing of the premises. Availing of professional pressure washing services in Dublin or other surrounding areas carries a variety of benefits, that go beyond the aesthetics, promoting a healthier and safer commercial environment.

Our clients from Dublin are happy they chose Happy Clean’s power wash service. Our highly trained staff will make the best cleaning service you’ll find. Our policy of 100% SATISFACTION needs to be fulfilled.

Professional Car Park Cleaning with Power Wash Sistem

Car park power wash by Happy Clean

If you would like to access the cost and amazing benefits of our car park cleaning services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer free no-obligation site inspections, and no matter how you choose to contact us, our customer service representatives are just minutes away.  

Take care of your Dublin based business, by cleaning the car parking with high-pressure washing techniques.