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Are you looking for an excellent power wash service? Well, look no more! Happy Clean has the best team who know how to do everything perfectly.

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5 Stars Power Wash DublinDublin’s finest team for power washing, pressure washing, and cleaning company. Our 5 star services are available in Dublin and surrounding areas

Power Wash Dublin offered - Happy Clean

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Power Wash Dublin offered by Happy Clean

We take our work very seriously, offering the best service in Dublin. Ensuring power washing for any outside space, Happy Clean can make your driveway, deck, patio, or parking sparkling clean.

We are:

IRELAND’s most popular Cleaning Service.

Professional, Committed, and Trustworthy.

Offering Full Service for power washing.

We are Committed to Our Work

We like to do a great job, no matter how hard it is!

No matter how easy or hard can be the service you hired us for be, we are committed to solving it. Our staff uses high-quality equipment and products to ensure 100% client satisfaction and a job well done.

What to expect from us besides great services?

Great communication


Professional Teams


High-quality products used



Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

A picture is worth a thousand words

Dublin’s Finest

What service for Power Wash do you need?

We believe in the power of pressure washing as a transformative cleaning method. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a solution that revitalizes and restores the beauty of our environments. Pressure washing represents efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility when done correctly.

driveway power washingDriveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning with Power Wash

Our professional power washing services are the most effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning your driveway.

Patio Power WashPatio Cleaning

Patio Power Wash Dublin (6)

Our patio power washing/cleaning services are the easiest way of eliminating years’ worth of dirt and harmful contaminants.

Oil Stain RemovalOil Stain Removal

Oil Stain Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

At Power Washing Dublin, we have the experience, the professional machines and the cleaning solutions to tackle the most difficult oil stains.

Car Park Power WashCar Park Cleaning

Car park power wash by Happy Clean

We offer high-quality car park cleaning services in Dublin, for residential and commercial contractors.

Grafitti RemovalGrafitti Removal

Graffiti Removal with Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

Graffiti removal services help restore and preserve the professional and well-kept look of your property.

Chewing Gum RemovalChewing Gum Removal with powerwashing services – Happy CleanChewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal with Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

Many commercial properties in Dublin avail of our professional chewing gum removal services on a regular basis.

Wood DeckingWood Decking is a power wash service given by Happy Clean DublinWood Decking

Wood Deck Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

Using high-quality equipment and professional wood deck cleaners, we have the ability to restore timber decks to their former glory.

Soft Wash

Soft Wash Dublin by Happy Clean (1)

Soft power washing is a cleaning method that uses a stream of low pressured water, combined with a mixture of biodegradable detergents.

Domestic Power WashDomestic Cleaning is a power wash service given by Happy Clean DublinResidential Power Wash

Residential Power Washing

Our residential power washing services in Dublin, are one of the most effective, high-quality, and convenient ways of maintaining your property.

Business Power WashBusiness cleaning is a power wash service given by Happy Clean DublinCommercial Power Wash

Commercial Power Wash - Happy Clean Dublin

Implementing a commercial power washing program is an integral step in preventing the build-up of dirt, and protecting your property.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning - Happy Clean Dublin

Professional fascia and soffit cleaning services prevent water leaks and increase the overall value of your property, residential or commercial.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Power Washed - Happy Clean Dublin-min

Our roof cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding areas prevent early deterioration and increase the lifespan of your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning - Happy Clean Dublin

To enjoy all the benefits of your gutter system, avail yourself of our professional gutter cleaning services in Dublin.

How it works

Easy to get started

When you decide that you need a professional team for power wash in Dublin, you can easily contact us. This service is for Dublin and surrounding areas only.

Choose how you want to talk with us:


The most preferred way by our clients to get in touch with us is by phone. Get all your details for Power Wash directly, without waiting.


Another great way to have your power wash details is by email. The quotes will remain written in your inbox. You can study them when you have time, and decide what you need.

Contact Form

Contact form is often used to ask for more information regarding our service. It is also used instead of Email.

Why Choose Our

Power Wash Service in Dublin


Our fully trained team has a vast experience with any cleaning service. Happy Clean’s staff is well trained for Power Wash.


You can always rely on us with any cleaning service. Punctuality and transparency are two features that our company values.


We value our clients, respect them, and understand the need to make a well-done job. Happy Clean uses only High-Quality products.

Upgrade your Cleaning Solutions in Dublin

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We are offering upgraded solutions for any cleaning service, including power wash. There is no competition when you offer the best cleaning services in Dublin, but on top of this, clients’ satisfaction is also on the pedestal.

We value your needs for a cleaning job well done, that’s why we use high-quality products and equipment. After the cleaning service is done, please leave us honest feedback, that can be seen by our next customers.

Questions for our Power Wash Service?

Get in touch for a quick answer, we will be happy to help, or check our FAQ!


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